Thursday, 30 October 2014

Plastic surgery in south korea

Plastic surgery in South Korea is now so good that people travelling home afterwards need certificates to prove who they are. South Korea is a well-known plastic surgery hot spot, with tourists from other parts of Asia and the world flocking to Seoul for the latest procedures. It's definitely not limited to tourists, either - according to the Daily Mail, South Koreans have a higher rate of plastic surgery than any other country, with a full 20 per cent of women aged 20-49 in Seoul saying they've gone under the knife. When people go under the knife for plastic surgery they hope to come out of the operation looking a bit different and a lot better with latest procedures.

A staggering one in five South Korean women has had cosmetic work done, compared to about one in 20 American women, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Korean women are seemingly trying to emulate the doll-like features of the K-pop girls in the "Gangnam Style" video and bands like Girls Generation.

Christina Lim, 19, is one of those women. Plastic surgery treatment is “a normal thing,” she said. “My friends, they would actually just go on vacation and then they would come back with a new face.” Lim has appeared occasionally as a translator on Korean TV and aspires to make it a career, but feels the pressure to make some serious physical changes first.“I got lots of hate comments, like, ‘Why is she even on TV? Why is she so fat?’ and I don’t have the looks, I don’t have that idol figure, I don’t have that face,” she said.

She wanted surgery treatment to have her jaw slimmed down and another to reshape her nose. “I guess everyone wants to look like K-Pop idols,” Lim said. “You have to look pretty, you have to have double eyelids, you have to have your v-line face, you have to be slim, but you have to have big breasts and stuff. “I think everyone is trying to delete this Koreanness,” she added. “In Korea, you go down the streets, you see this girl. And you walk down the street, and you see that girl again. It actually is a different person.”

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Brief History of Cosmetic Surgery in India

It's believed that the roots of contemporary cosmetic surgery lie in India. Ayurveda (literal meaning: ayu - life, Veda - knowledge), among the Samhitas from ancient India, consists mainly of three parts - Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology / Pediatrics. Acharya Sushrut (or Sushruta - around 400 to 600 B.C.) may be the originator of the surgical procedures mentioned within the Sushrut Samhita. He is deemed to be the father of surgery on the planet. To him is ascribed the world’s first rhinoplasty operation. The Sushrut Samhita describes over 120 surgical instruments, 300 surgical treatments and classifies human surgery in 8 categories. Acharya Sushrut is considered to be the disciple of Dhanwantri, to whom most Indian doctors pray to because the God of Health.
The surgical treatise compiled by Sushruta became so famous it's translated into Arabic.
Another method of rhinoplasty in India, as practiced by Tilemakers utilized the graft of buttock.
After Sushruta, yet another scholar called Vaghbat, who wrote Ashtanga Sangraha and Ashtanga Hridyans, wherein he described rhinoplasty as done by Maharishi Atreya and emphasized the need for the supply of an inner lining by turning on the nasal skin.
When the British ruled India, the rhinoplasty method produced by Sushruta was modified by local surgeons utilizing a rotation flap from the adjacent forehead. This process was practiced by the Marathas of Kumar near Pune, certain Nepali families and Kanghairas of Kangra (Himachal Pradesh).
The very first modern plastic surgery departments were established in India in 1950 at Patna and Nagpur. At the moment, a notable contribution was in the surgeons attached to the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.
Ever since then, India has made lot of progress in cosmetic surgery, and Indian cosmetic surgeons have led to the advancement of world surgery procedures.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Is Plastic Surgery Really Less Regulated Abroad than in the US?

Many of our visitors to this site ask themselves this exact same question.
We are told frequently that surgeons in america are better trained, qualified and controlled than in any other country on the planet. But, we are usually told this by plastic surgeons operating in america, or professional bodies representing the plastic surgery industry in america.
We don’t seem to hear this quite as often from non-biased sources. This is just because as a statement, it is very misleading.
The truth is that in the US, plastic surgery is basically unregulated. A harsh truth, and lots of people won’t want to believe it.
But I’ll repeat it again.
Plastic surgery in America is unregulated.
Sure, you will find voluntary organizations that you can pay to become listed on, that give a veneer of regulation.
A surgeon could be Board Certified, but doesn’t need to be.
Any doctor with a licence to rehearse medicine can legally perform any method that the patient would like to have done. Since plastic surgery is lucrative, and also, since it is elective, and therefore not interfered in by medical insurers, many doctors have selected to move into the field of plastic surgery.
Even if a doctor says that they are “Board Certified”, this really is fairly meaningless. There is several board, and boards are merely assembled so that their members know that they are “Board-Certified”.
President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Angelo Cuzalina (himself originally a dental surgeon who switched to cosmetic surgery) is on record as stating that of the AACS’s members only around 8% are board certified, estimating that in america there are between 50,000 to 100,000 doctors performing cosmetic surgery procedures who aren't board-certified plastic surgeons.
Even more shockingly, many of these plastic surgeons were trained by doctors who aren't, themselves board certified plastic surgeons.
Regulations change from State to State; but nonetheless very few regulators appear prepared to restrict the freedom of doctors using their company specialties ”having a go” at plastic surgery. It's more left to the doctor’s personal ethics and discretion to determine whether he is sufficiently skilled to carry out a cosmetic procedure.
Until this stops to be the case, the plastic surgery industry in america really has no claims to being anymore regulated than any other country.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Plastic Surgeons in Thailand

If you are looking for the right hospital or clinic in Thailand to do your future breast augmentation procedure, a great start might be to look into some of the most famous and recommended plastic surgeons available and their facilities. Although international patients choose the hospital first (be it a hospital or perhaps a clinic), and then they are given a cosmetic surgeon by the hospital. However, as the skill and expertise of the surgeon is the most significant aspect of any surgery, we encourage you to definitely initially search for the surgeon, and then chose the hospital based on the surgeons recommendation.

How to Choose Your Thai Cosmetic surgeon

With the vast number of private plastic surgery clinics, together with international hospitals, finding the right cosmetic surgeon might be daunting. A great way to begin looking for a skilled and experience cosmetic surgeon is to search for references. Perhaps you have friends or family members that can make strategies for you? If not, you can contact Novasans' experienced customer support representative. Many of these have previously worked at Thai hospitals and can provide you with a personal recommendation based on your desires and preferences. You may also contact the Plastic Surgery Association of Thailand and request a referral.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Let Us Help With Cosmetic Surgery For Women In Thailand

There are many different factors that may prompt you to definitely seek cosmetic surgery. You may want to reverse the visible effects of aging, especially in your face. You may also want to get eliminate loose, sagging skin and excess pockets of fat which were left behind by pregnancy or drastic weight loss. Too, you may want to correct certain problems in various areas of your body that were brought about by injury, trauma, or just genetics.

Whatever your cosmetic issues are, Destination Beauty has the right procedure for you personally.Forehead Lift - A forehead lift provides you with a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance by smoothing the forehead, reducing frown lines and elevating the position of the eyebrow line.

Eyelid Surgery - Eyelid surgery takes years off the face by correcting puffy eye bags and sagging upper eyelids which come with age.

Nose Surgery - Nose surgery is performed to change the size or shape of your nose, passing on a more pleasant appearance that goes well together with your other facial features. This could also be done to correct difficulty in breathing.

Mid-Facelift - A mid-facelift restores an even, youthful look to your lower eyelids and cheek area by removing extra fat and tightening your facial muscles and skin.

Breast Lift - A breast lift restores the firmness and form of breasts that have sagged due to the lack of skin
Breast Augmentation - A breast augmentation surgery enhances the size, shape and overall look of your breasts with the utilization of implants.

Breast Reduction - A breast reduction surgery reduces the size your breasts by removing excess skin, fat and tissue. This procedure relieves you of the pain and discomfort of getting overly large breasts.

Abdominoplasty - A tummy tuck is performed to achieve a flatter tighter abdominal area by combining the elimination of excess skin and fat out of your midsection with the tightening of the abdominal muscles.

Liposuction - Liposuction is really a popular body contouring technique that removes fat out of your usual problem areas like the abdomen, thighs, hips and upper arms.
Gynecology - Gynecology treatments and procedures aim to address problems and condition that has to do with your reproductive organ.

Varicose Vein Removal - Varicose vein removal involves different strategies to eliminate harmful and unsightly veins on your skin surface, particularly in your legs.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Cheap Plastic Surgery in Medellin

Medellin, Colombia is fast becoming referred to as a center for cheap plastic surgery procedures in Latin America. Many tourist all over the world are flying into this Colombian city to obtain their tummies tucked, their faces lifted, botox injected, their noses reshaped, breasts augmented, unwanted weight removed, lips made more plump, and even going to get their butts made more full and shapely. As the price of such procedures are often far cheaper in Colombia than the USA, Canada, and Europe, many cosmetic surgery enthusiasts are turning tourist and going to Medellin.

Small noses, well shaped butts, big breasts, full lips, and thin stomachs appear to be the driving muses behind the Medellin cosmetic surgery explosion, and women are flocking all corners of the globe to try and buy a body like Shakira. The women in Medellin have been demonstrated to be some of the most gorgeous women in the country, and this can be due in part to the scalpel and the masked men whose clients are beauty.

Natalia Paris - the oncoming of Medellin cosmetic surgery
In Colombia, cosmetic surgery gained popularity with the narco-est├ętica (what drug traffickers think is beautiful) fashion trend, but has matured into a thriving industry. Vast sums of dollars happen to be invested into developing Medellin’s cosmetic surgery facilities for foreign clientele, and many clinics have popped up around the city. Medical tourism was really part of Medellin’s six prong revival plan, and since its inception in 2008, this industry has taken in $7 million dollars and has serviced over 5,000 foreigners.

Though the “cheap plastic surgery” hype in Medellin might not live up to the reality. I spoke recently to some very disillusioned American who visited a number of Medellin’s cosmetic surgery clinics in search of the simple botox procedure, but found the is more expensive than in the United States.

In Beverly Hills I had been paying $150 for botox treatments, but in Medellin they were attempting to charge me $300. I’m not likely to pay more for botox in Colombia than in Beverly Hills!”

Adding the price of travel to Medellin and additional bills when there onto the price of the various cosmetic procedures that foreigners are trying to find there, and the venture might not prove to be as much of an economic incentive as it initially seemed. Knowing this, the city is aiming more to draw in foreign clients who're after big medical operations instead of outpatient cosmetic surgeries.

But the prospect of combining cosmetic surgery having a vacation is attracting many foreigners to Medellin. Rhinoplasties and breast augmentations coupled with coffee tours have become ever more popular.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Heart Surgery Costs

What's Heart surgical treatment ?

Heart surgical treatment can be used to right heart troubles in young kids and adults. This short article discusses heart surgeries for adults.
The most typical kind of heart for adults is heart bypass grafting (CABG). Throughout CABG, surgeons use healthy arteries or veins obtained from another area of the system to bypass (that's, start) blocked arteries. CABG relieves heart problems and cuts down on the possibility of cardiac arrest.

Heart surgical treatment is also completed to : -
 Repair or replace valves that handle blood circulation through the heart
Repair abnormal or broken structures inside the heart
 Implant health care devices that regulate heart rhythms or blood circulation
Replace a damaged heart having a healthy heart from the donor (heart transplant)

Traditional heart surgical procedure, referred to as “open heart surgical treatment ,” is performed by opening the chest area wall to use about the heart. More often than not, the chest area is opened by cutting using a patient’s breastbone. When the heart is uncovered, the person is attached to a heart-lung bypass machine. The equipment gets control the pumping action from the heart. This enables surgeons to operate about the nevertheless heart..